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A special thanks to Karin Pringsheim, my wonderful interns Briggi, Teresa, Larissa, Leah, Oksana and Jack for the photography. Also the photographers from Tibal Woldwide Bulgaria & Beefeater Gin who's photos have been invaluable. 


   for tea

Core to all tea traditions around the world, and one of my favourite parts of tea is meeting new and like minded people. Indeed, the act and art of preparing, sharing and engaging over a cup of tea is the founding principle behind all tea culture. 

In the past I've held events and tastings, tea parties and supper-clubs, presented talks and appeared at festivals. The thing that ties all of these together and gives me a real kick afterwards is having shared my passion for tea with people. Engaging, communing, teaching and learning from every person I meet. 

So, I'm excited to be taking this in a new direction. Starting off monthly (more often if there's demand for it) I'll be holding two new TeaWithKyle events with a focus of meeting and chatting over tea. 

  • TeaWithKyle out and about

  • TeaWithKyle salon edits

out and about

Just like it says on the tin!

Once a month I'll pick somewhere around London for those who would like to meet and chat over a cup of tea. 

Sometimes a weekday or sometimes a weekend, it really depends on the venue. 

There is no ticket fee for this but you'll have to buy your own tea at the venue. 

This is a great chance to meet new tea friends and pick my brain with your tea questions. 

Salon Edits

A Salon, just like the old days. 

I host the Salon Edits at my home for a maximum of just 6 people once a month. 


Each month I pick a theme for the Salon such as ceramics, a tea book or a specific country. I will prepare teas from my collection, new exclusive samples I've received, some small bites to keep us all going and something interesting on that months theme.


Guests are welcome to bring something relating to the theme to discuss or ask questions about. Discussion and sharing of ideas and experiences is encouraged. 

This is a ticketed event, numbers are limited and respect for my private home is graciously requested.