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Engage with Tea on a personal level. 

I hold tea meet-ups for general tea and chat as well as a private Tea-Salon for dedicated tea-aholics. 

Lets chat all things tea

Kyle Whittington

Join me on my tea journey. I'm a student and practitioner of Cha-no-yu, the Japanese way of Tea, and a Tea aficionado. Learn about the wonders of tea through public and private talks, tastings and demonstrations. 

I offer bespoke demonstrations and events at our location or private Tea Ceremonies at my Hampshire home. 

Follow my activiteas on Instagram @TeaWithKyle

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 I create bespoke shifuku and other fabric goods used in the Japanese Tea ceremony. 

I work to commission for Tea People around the world and offer a selection of pieces on my Etsy shop. 
My work includes items such as Shifuku, Kobukusa, Obukusa, Sukiya-bukuro, Obi and Kimono.

View my work and 'in the making' stories on Instagram @studio_shifuku

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I am the founder of where tea lovers and readers from around the world come together each month to read a tea book and then meet-up online at the end of the month to share our thoughts on the book, share tea and tea chat. 

Book reviews on the TeaBiz podcast

Catch up on the latest Book over on instagram @jointeabookclub

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I've been a passionate tea drinker since I was a kid and have been working with speciality teas for the past seven years. Over the past couple of years I have reconnected with my tea heart, Cha-no-yu, which continues to lead me down new and exciting paths with tea. 


During my year volunteering with Project Trust in Japan (2004-05) I studied in the Urasenke tradition of Cha-no-yu (Japanese Tea Ceremony). Forever cementing my love of matcha, which I drink daily. 

I've blogged, conceived and founded an online tea emporium and run a design led tea brand. My mission has always been to get more people drinking better tea. 

To this end I have developed and run numerous tea events, introducing people to the wonders of the leaf. From talks and tastings through to innovating 'tea & cheese' pairing and developing recipes using tea. There's no limit to my exploration.

In the summer of 2017 I reconnected with my love for Cha-no-yu, switching to study in the Ueda Sōko tradition, a Samurai school of Tea originating from Hiroshima. I actively study under Adam Sōmu Wojciński, a direct disciple of the 16th Grandmaster of the Ueda Sōko tradition of Cha-no-yu in Hiroshima. 

Since picking up Cha-no-yu again, I find myself drawn ever more deeply into the unique world of the 'way of tea', my tea heart. As my practice deepens I find myself evolving as a Chajin and discovering new paths in my tea journey. 

In 2021-22 I built a unique textile themed Chashitsu (tea room) in my loft, where I also have my Studio Shifuku studio space. It has been a pleasure welcoming guests and clients to the chashitsu for tea. 

In 2022 I also obtained my Karamono license which means I can now accept students under the guidance of my teacher. 

I hope you'll join me in a bowl of tea on this wonderful journey.  


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Thanks for getting in touch! I'll get back to you shortly.  |  Tel: +44(0)7872 609 572 | Hampshire UK

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