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A special thanks to Karin Pringsheim, my wonderful interns Briggi, Teresa, Larissa, Leah, Oksana and Jack for the photography. Also the photographers from Tibal Woldwide Bulgaria & Beefeater Gin who's photos have been invaluable. 

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Engage with Tea on a personal level. 

I hold tea meet-ups for general tea and chat as well as a private Tea-Salon for dedicated tea-aholics. 

Lets chat all things tea

Kyle Whittington

Tea with

Join me on my tea journey. I'm a student and practitioner of Cha-no-yu, the Japanese way of Tea, and a Tea aficionado. Learn about the wonders of tea through talks, tastings and demonstrations. 

I hold public and private events in the UK and abroad. A wonderful way to learn more about the world's most drunk beverage (after water).

Follow my journey on Instagram @TeaWithKyle

Made by

Two driving forces in my life, Tea and Textiles, come together in the creation of Shifuku and fabric goods for Cha-no-yu. 

I work to commission for Chajin around the world as well as creating Shifuku as art pieces in their own right.


My work also includes items such as Kobukusa, Obukusa, Sukiya-bukuro, Obi and Kimono.

Find examples of my work on Instagram @ShifukuByKyle

sourced by

I source teas for myself and private clients directly from tea farms around the world. A different and more personal why or buying tea. 

Teas are generally available in small bulk (250g) though I do supply a few special teas in smaller quantities. A small range is available to buy directly online though most clients order directly by email. I can also source teas specially if there's something that you can't find elsewhere. 



I've been a passionate tea drinker since I was a kid and have been working with speciality teas for the past seven years. Over the past couple of years I have reconnected with my tea heart, Cha-no-yu, which continues to lead me down new and exciting paths with tea. 


During my year volunteering with Project Trust in Japan (2004-05) I studied in the Urasenke tradition of Cha-no-yu (Japanese Tea Ceremony). Forever cementing my love of matcha, which I drink daily. 

I've blogged, conceived and founded an online tea emporium and run a design led tea brand. My mission has always been to get more people drinking better tea. 

To this end I have developed and run numerous tea events, introducing people to the wonders of the leaf. From talks and tastings through to innovating 'tea & cheese' pairing and developing recipes using tea. There's no limit to my exploration.

In the summer of 2017 I reconnected with my love for Cha-no-yu, switching to study in the Ueda Sōko tradition, a Samurai school of Tea originating from Hiroshima. I actively study under Adam Sōmu Wojciński, a direct disciple of the 16th Grandmaster of the Ueda Sōko tradition of Cha-no-yu in Hiroshima. 

Since picking up Cha-no-yu again, I find myself drawn ever more deeply into the unique world of the 'way of tea', my tea heart. As my practice deepens I find myself evolving as a Chajin and discovering new paths in my tea journey. 

A desire to bring the depth of feeling, peace, calm and meditative quality of Cha-no-yu to a wider audience has led me to explore new avenues such as my 'landmark tea' series which I began in 2018.

This year (2019) sees me begin the journey of creating my Chashitsu (Japanese Tea room), a fifteen year dream in the making. 

In the last year, two major elements of my life connected. Tea and Textiles. The medium: Shifuku. The result: the magic of creating something that comes ignites the very core of ones being. 

I hope you'll join me in a bowl of tea on this wonderful journey.  


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