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A special thanks to Karin Pringsheim, my wonderful interns Briggi, Teresa, Larissa, Leah, Oksana and Jack for the photography. Also the photographers from Tibal Woldwide Bulgaria & Beefeater Gin who's photos have been invaluable. 

  • English Breakfast - Vivek's Blend

    SKU: LCHN151216EB

    Large leaf English Breakfast blend with a 'rich tea' taste. Rich and bold blend with malty notes and a brisk, refreshing finish. Great with milk. This is a great blend for first thing in the morning.


    I've been working with one of my tea suppliers in India and we've created this lovely English Breakfast blend. It's well balanced with engouh malty-ness to give it the rich body and depth of flavour we all want from an English Breakfast blend. Yet at the same time it retains a brisk freshness with the taste of the leaf coming through well. I've tested this on a friend who remarked that it was just the right amount of malty-ness, without being too intense. 


    Brew with water on the Boil at 100ºC for 3 to 5 minutes. Use 1tsp of leaf per cup of water. 


    • Quantity & Orders

      This tea is avialable in 500g packs.