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Rich malty Assam with a full body and a deep coppery liquor. Super premium orthodox Assam tea with abundant golden tips. 


This Assam comes from the Halmari Estate, said to be the number one Assam Tea Estate in India. Famed for the fertile soil of the plains of Upper Assam, this lush tea garden has been run by the same family for the past 100 years. Since the 1980's the family has stiven to create the best quality Assam tea possible and are now regarded as having one of the best factories with the highest international standards of production and processing. Tea from Halmari has gained international recognition from top buyers, hotels and stores. 


Brew with water at 100ºC and infuse for 3 minutes. Use 1 tsp per cup of water. 

Halmari Imperial Gold Assam GTGFOP1

  • This tea is avialable in 500g lots.


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