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Tightly rolled premium grade Jasmine Pearls scented with fresh Jasmine blossoms over 5 nights. Mellow and sweet, a heady Jasmine with lastingly smooth aftertaste. Often also called Dragon Pearl or Buddha's Tears. 


I spent some time searching for a Jasmine that was just right to offer on Sourced by Kyle. This beautifully hand rolled Jasmine Pearl is tightly rolled by hand with plenty of bud (the silvery bits) vissible. Grown in the Fanxi Tea Garden in China's Fujian Province from a famous tea cultivar (Fuding Da Bai) the young buds and first leaves are plucked in early April.


Each pearl is indivudially hand rolled and then the tea is stored until the Jasmine blossoms in June. Fresh Jasmine blossoms are picked and layered with the pearls which absorb the heady scent of the flowers overnight. The blossoms and pearls are then sepparated and and the whole process repeated 5 times to create the heady fragrance and sweet, mellow taste of this premium tea.


Many Jasmine Pearls on the market are only scented 4 times. The extra night of scenting elevates this Jasmine Pearl into a special place. 


Brew with water at 80-90ºC and infuse for 2 minutes. Use 1 tsp of leaf per cup of water. Infuse up to 3 times. 

Jasmine Pearl - Premium grade

  • This tea is avialable in 250g and 100g packs. 


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