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Ceremonial grade, super creamy Matcha Aoarashi. This is a members favourite due to its exceptionally smooth balanced taste and creamy finish. Super healthy. Drink daily, for a relaxing zen moment or add to your smoothie. 


Vibrant green powder with a deep emerald liquor and minty green foam, the typical vegetal and seeweed flavours are balanced with a slight sweetness that is particularly appealing to the western palate. Matcha can be an aquired taste but this particular Matcha is easier to get along with for many people. 


"I love it! I have tried matcha from other websites and it tasted aweful :( I like your one and would like to order more" - Anita


I personally drink a bowl of this every day and have done so for the past 2 years. I studied the Japanese Tea Ceremony in Japan and just can't get by without my daily Matcha. When I discovered this particualr Matcha Aoarashi I just loved it. Tea Ceremony friends think it is almost too good for day to day drinking but I say, why not! The taste is so good and its remarkably tollerant to different waters and ways of making it. 


Prepare with water at 70ºC by whisking a small amount (appox 1/2 to  1 small tsp) of powder into 70ml of water. Prefferably use a traditional bamboo whisk in a fast 'M N' motion. You can also use a small kithcen whisk or milk frother. 


Also delicious cold, use the same quantites but with fridge cold water and shake vigorously in a cocktail shaker or similar. Matcha is also great to cook with or add to smoothies. 


Find out more about preparing and using Matcha in my Facebook Live video

Matcha Aoarashi - Ceremonial Grade

  • This tea is avialable in 250g or 500g packs.

    Due to popular demand I also offer this in smaller 50g packs.

    This tea is a staple, if the amount you desire is not availble, please contact me as more is surely on order from Japan (or will be soon)

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